F100uk Round 1 Wigan Weekend of the 10/11th of April the team headed to three sisters circuit in Wigan for round 1 of the F100uk British Championship! We were greeted with all seasons overnight at the weekend rain, snow and sleet but the circuit dried out and the sun shined through for practice and race day… Throughout practice all LCM drivers were showing great pace. Good to start where we left off 😎

🟡🔵 AQUA 🟡🔵

#2 Harry Smithson was on the pace but just quite couldn’t that top step through out the heats so come the final we made a slight change to the set up. Harry got he’s head down and made the most of the set up change , after some good close racing Harry has victory in the aqua class and takes an early lead in the championship, let’s keep that momentum going into round 2! Heat 1 – 2nd Heat 2 – 2nd Heat 3 – 4th Final – 1st


#0 Jade Goodwin as always straight on the pace and finding time each session! Though out the heats jade was quickly out in front and constantly swapping places with Alistair with the slipstream. First heat we were ready to make the move on the last lap but unfortunately got pushed on to the grass through the valley, second and third heat was tense to say the least! Final was looking to go our way but mid way through jade noticed an issue with the engine and nursed it back home to finish 2nd! ( Carb came loose ) Heat 1 – 9th Heat 2 – 2nd Heat 3 – 2nd Final – 2nd


#1 Ry Leon picked up where he left off last season setting the pace through out practice. Going into the heats we were confident Ry would be the one to watch, unfortunately in heat 1 and 2 Ry was suffering with carb issues but was still pushing and finished second in both heats. Carb stripped and rebuilt for heat 3 where Ry went on to take victory putting us P2 for the final, Lights go green and Ry got the lead quickly pulling away from the pack, Ry had it in the bag with a big gap between second place and setting fastest lap of the race to be presented with a mechanical flag due to a broken rear bumper 4 laps before the chequered. Heat 1 – 2nd Heat 2 – 2nd Heat 3 – 1st Final – 3rd

#2 Simon Nicholson joined the TKM grid at Wigan due to he’s new project for the pre89 class not being complete in time but Simon got to run his seeded number from 2020! Simon was getting to grips with the kart he was using for this meeting until we found some damage. We was kindly lent another chassis on the Saturday so Simon could carry on with the meeting, no testing in the kart Simon went straight into the heats on Sunday and showed great spirit! Finishing all the heats Simon was unfortunate to suffer a plug failure in the final! Simon was awarded Spirit of the 90’s award… Heat 1 – 4thHeat 2 – 5thHeat 3 – 4th Final – 6th


#32 Peter Graham-Clarke was back in the seat for first time since his broken ribs last season and was on the grid with 29 other karts! Peter wasn’t looking to be the quickest out there he just wanted to finish all heats and have fun. That he did! There’s more potential in peter but overall he had a good meeting going into the A final and moving up 6 positions throughout the race. Heat 1 – 16th Heat 2 – 17th Heat 3 – 21st Final – 19th

We also had #27 James Kirk and #69 Matthew James join us at Wigan for their first F100uk meeting! Both got stuck in on practice day to get the karts set up, few teething problems but once they were out the way both had a good weekend and went away happy….

James Kirk Heat 1 – DNS Heat 2 – 18thHeat 4 – 16th B Final – 4th Final – DNS

Matthew James Heat 2 – 16th Heat 3 – 19th Heat 4 – 12th Final – DNS

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